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Texas Sounds CMA Nomination

We are delighted to inform you that we have received an official nomination/invitation to participate in the 2022 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards in Jefferson, Texas.

Being a nominee is a great honor for us and we vividly remember how fascinating it was to take part in Texas Sounds CMA 2019 where our band won 3 awards in total. Being present at this music event was one of our greatest experiences ever!

Moreover, Andrea has just received her award from last year´s event, where we took part virtually and Andrea became the Virtual Personality of the Year 2021.

We are more than excited to head to Texas again this year! However, the last two years have been very tough, for musicians in particular. In 2019 we were able to make it to Texas mainly thanks to our dear fans and their great support and partly thanks to our own fundings. This year will be different because financially it is out of our depth to make it happen.

Therefore we are open to offers of cooperation, sponsorships or agencies that would be interested in further cooperation and possibly managing a tour in the US.

We will be more than felicitous to go and play in the US again.

Suggestions of cooperation may be directed to:


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