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A group of talented and beautiful girls from the Czech Republic have impressed the audience at nearly all Country Festivals around Europe by their spontaneous performance, instrumental music and perfectly synchronized vocals.

Their show is simply unique and outstanding.

For concerts, the band uses a fully wireless system for microphones and instruments which allows to feel free and comfortable, enter the auditorium and come closer to the audience who then amazingly comes into line.

A girl band under the label Jizerská protěž made its first appearance on European stages before 1985. In the same year, they began to use the name Country Sisters and have made nearly two and half thousand concerts in more than thirty countries of the world ever since.

Of course, the band members have changed many times throughout this time. The current group was formed during the last three years and they are superbly co-ordinated and braided together.

The most interesting places where the band performed include Australia, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Greenland, Iceland, Indonesia, Thailand, Faroe Islands, but of course, the most visited and favourite places are found in Europe - Switzerland (where the band is very popular), France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Britain, Belgium, Slovakia and many others.

The band’s repertoire, in addition to current country hits, contains classical country hits, evergreens, cajun music, gospel, popular instrumentals, traditionals and much in request rock´n´roll. Apart from concerts, of course, the band also makes recordings in the studio.

The Country Sisters have already released 14 CDs and 4 DVDs The last one, entitled "COUNTRY SISTERS –  The Best of 45", was recorded in 2018 and is now on the market in all countries where the Country Sisters perform.
The current members of the band - SONIA, ANDREA, MICHELLE, PETRIS and MAGDALENA bearing the joint surname COUNTRY SISTERS, meet all requirements for very good and unforgettable country show. In 2019 the band won 3 prestigious awards in the USA at Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards.



Kotva 1

Birthday:                 Septembre 28th

Horoscope:            Libra

Country Sisters:   since 1972


the founder, the boss, bass guitar


piano, keyboards, accordion, vocals

Birthday:                 August 5th

Horoscope:            Leo

Country Sisters:   since 2011

Kotva 2
Kotva 3


vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Birthday:                 June 28th

Horoscope:            Cancer

Country Sisters:   since 2017

Kotva 5


vocals, acoustic guitar

Birthday:                 May 15th

Horoscope:            Taurus

Country Sisters:   since 2019

Kotva 6


fiddle, mandoline

Birthday:                 Novembre 24

Horoscope:            Sagittarius

Country Sisters:   since 2020

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