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Septembre 2018

Dear Fans and Friends

As the date of the festival at Farma Vysoká is approaching, there are more and more questions about the regular Garden Meeting at Sonia´s garden.

Unfortunately we do not have good news for some of you this year. The Garden Party is not going to take place this year but we will meet all of you during the festival at Vysoká.

Our concert on Saturday 14:00 will be „special“ for all the fans, there will be a few guests and a surprise as well. After the concert there will be time for everything!

Because do not want to break the tradition of the annual fanclub photo, we will do it after our show at Vysoká. There should be at least 45 people in the photo to symbolize the anniversary 😊

If you would like to see not only the Country Sisters but also the garden, here are some photos😊

Anyway, the diehard supporters can come over on Sunday afternoon to have coffee with us at Sonia´s .

We are looking forward to you very much and we strongly believe that the weather will not let us down!

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1 Comment

Ava B
Ava B
Sep 13, 2021

Thanks for posting tthis

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