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Calling all former Country Sisters members

Since I have no contact with many of you, I am trying social networks :)

Hello to all dear former members of the band Country Sisters, which is celebrating an incredible anniversary this year - 50 years since the group was founded.

I would like to invite you to the anniversary concert, which takes place on 20/05/2023 in the EUROCENTRUM Jablonec nad Nisou from 19:00.

This may be the last opportunity to meet most of you, as there will probably not be another anniversary concert like this.

In the colourful program we are preparing, I would like to welcome as many former members as possible in the audience and on the stage too. I have already made arrangements with some former members and they have promised to participate, but unfortunately I have not been able to contact all of you.

Those I am not connection with, please, get in touch. Thank you :) Contace email: nebo tel.:+420777208477 Sonia

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