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Anniversary Concerts

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The unbelievable has come true, the Country Sisters (Jizerská protěž) is celebrating another anniversary, this time 50 years since founding of the band in 1972!!!!

Anyone who wants to see and hear what the band looks like after 50 years of "wandering around the world" should come and see at least one of the upcoming concerts for this anniversary.

There will be more concerts, because if all musically active members were to be guests at the concert (and you certainly want that!!), such a concert could not take place, because there would be more than twenty guests and it is not technically possible to organize so that all the guests would sing and play in just a one-day concert.

That's why we decided to split the celebrations into several concerts and in several places.

At the moment, the first concert is being prepared for Sunday November 27 2022


The band will be performing in this theatre after 20 years!

Tickets: or tel. +420 483 320 595

Don't hesitate to buy them!

In addition to the current line-up, you will hear many guests at the first concert.

Let yourself be surprised, some of your favorites will surely be there 😄

We are looking forward to you !!!

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