Go Girl e-Package 

Is an audio+video compilation prepared for the occasion of our tour to Texas. The whole amount of the Texas e-Package will be used for travel costs of our band. We really appreciate your willingnes to involve in helping us make it to Texas.

What´s in?

* Personal thank you certificate with your name on it.

* Brand-new video clip for your new song You Go Girl.

* Compilation of 8 special songs from the solo project CDs of the current band members.

* Surprise - special funny "fans" video clip.

* A video clip "on the stage" - song Tennessee Whiskey

* Your name will be published on the Wall of Fame - the list of those who contributed.

New videoclip - You Go  Girl preview

The payment goes through PayPal. In case you want to send a different amount, you can use the PayPalMe link here>>. If you don´t wish to pay through PayPal, send us an email to: countrysisters@email.cz, we will try to find some other way.

 Thank you for your support!

 Sonia, Andrea, Maggie, Pattie, Michelle a Petris.