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Calendar and Christmas package  2023

A few days ago you enjoyed the 50th anniversary concert and because we are still emotionally celebrating and Christmas is behind the door, we would like to offer you an additional gift.

A package for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the band, full of music on 6 CDs, also original Czech recordings from the Jizerská Protěž period, bunch of history on 2 DVDs, small gifts and surprises.
A beautiful calendar compiled chronologically from the photos of all the band lineups from
1972 to the present. There is also a poster with signatures and a Christmas card included in this package.
Ideal as a Christmas present. 

What´s in?


* 6x Music CDs 

* 2x DVDs

* 1x Calendar (photos of the band lineups since 1972 to the present)

* 1x Signed poster with Christmas wish

* small gifts and surprises

It is also possible to purchase the CALENDAR 2023 separately. 

Choose your package or calendar

50th anniversary package
shipping within Europe included


Price: €65

50th anniversary package
shipping to non-European countries included


Price: $90

shipping within Europe included


Price: €35

shipping to non-European countries included


Price: $45

The payment goes through PayPal. If you don´t wish to pay through PayPal, send us an email to:, we will try to find some other way.

 Thank you for your support!

 Sonia, Michelle, Petris, Magdalena, Karolina

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